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Agency specialists helped me find bugs in my office and put an end to care information.

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Natalia I.

Our story nearly ended sadly. Son accused of a crime, even though he swore that he did not. Alibi as such was not because he was at home, sitting at…

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I knew that my wife had cheated on me . When she got pregnant , I did not say anything . When the baby was born, I did not know how to perceive it .…

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Check for carjacking

Accidentally bought a stolen car, you can stay in the same accident and no car and no money. According to the laws of Ukraine, the property that someone owns illegally shall be seized and immediately returned to the rightful owner. And you can only sue the seller machine and claim their money back. But it is unlikely you will succeed - those who so glibly sells cars under investigation, quickly hiding in an unknown direction.

Therefore, if you have reason to doubt , you can contact the " Private Detective Rovno" for such a service , as a check on the hijacking . Our experts can check on the vehicle search that will help you save cash . If the check is made ​​to hijack a car by our experts , you can not doubt the reliability of the result , and if the test proved to hijack the car "clean" - you buy and do not hesitate . In our agency has its base tracing vehicles that allows you to check vehicles quickly and efficiently . Checking for theft will be made within the time limits , which indicate the client . Our experts will find out the history of the car you want to buy, and you'll have the information in its entirety. Checking on stealing cars is a guarantee that no former owners or law enforcement agencies will not apply to you and claims to question the legality of your purchase.

Please try to remember that the check should be held before the hijacking of the transaction , rather than after . Then our experts will be able to save your wallet and your nervous system from strong shocks. Practice hardly knows where the money for the purchase of a stolen car would be returned to the buyer - so it is best to double-check everything before you pay off the sellers .

Surveillance Specialists

Basically, now people have video surveillance associated with a huge number of cameras located throughout the house or office. And already absolutely nobody surprises, when he comes into some new premises for him and sees several one-eyed observers sticking out from different angles.

Location of person by phone

Not everyone, even if earning a good living, has the opportunity to hire a nurse for his incompetent relative.

How to hire a detective for surveillance

No matter how close we communicate with a person, we can never be sure that he has fully revealed himself to us, to the end and everything is honest and never hides anything.

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