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Anatoly Ivanovich

A friend suggested together to invest in a business, such as a thriving even. Wife suggested it safe. We appealed to the detective agency, and you know,…

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After certain events, I began to suspect that the wife of a man appeared. Wife ordered a check of allegiance. But doubts were completely dispelled.

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I helped the agency to protect my business from raiders. Thank you for helping where others were powerless.

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Checking facilities for the presence of listening devices

In today's world a wide range of innovative hardware allows you to create miracles espionage. Various sensors , microphones , stethoscopes , video cameras, tiny in weight , united under the common name of the bugs , as in the best tradition of spy games today are widely used for the purpose of wiretapping . Therefore, protection from eavesdroppers nowadays is very crucial. Install a miniature bug in your home , car, office or phone anyone can , without having special skills. If desired , buy such a device is not difficult. In addition, for you it will be quite noticeable. You may not even suspect that your work or private life is tapped as the palm . Signal may be only the leakage of information, performs incomprehensible for you. It can only make you think about how to define the wiretap.

As noted in the detective agencies , often listening devices installed for the purpose of industrial espionage . Unfortunately, nowadays nobody squeamish prohibited methods of competition. So every sane entrepreneur who does not want to important and sensitive information leaked to competitors must secure your business . The best method of protection against eavesdropping is to check the premises for wiretapping and cars and phones. Very effective antiproslushka setting that information about your customers , negotiations, contracts never fall into the hands of a competitor who has been fighting against the rules . Antiproslushka number will give the opportunity to quietly talk on the phone without fear of being overheard .

If you are concerned about how to find the bug , we immediately note that it is better to entrust this matter of professional detective agency . Indeed, silently install it nowadays everyone can, but to identify - not everyone's strength .

Detective Agency " Private detective Rovno" performs discovery of listening devices in both indoor and car and phone. To find bugs , we use as visual inspection , and a modern base hardware such as metal detector, x- raying , radio scan tool and more.

If individuals , we recommend an inspection of premises on the wiretap in the case of suspicion , the businessmen - with a certain periodicity . We do not only detect listening devices , but their dismantling or disabling . Alternatively, we can advise you leave bugs to mislead competitor providing false information .

Also, our detectives are ready to assist in finding the person who is engaged in wiretapping . Search beetles as an effective way to protect against eavesdropping carried out fairly quickly , so you can not even put off their cases . We guarantee privacy and a perfect result .

Surveillance Specialists

Basically, now people have video surveillance associated with a huge number of cameras located throughout the house or office. And already absolutely nobody surprises, when he comes into some new premises for him and sees several one-eyed observers sticking out from different angles.

Location of person by phone

Not everyone, even if earning a good living, has the opportunity to hire a nurse for his incompetent relative.

How to hire a detective for surveillance

No matter how close we communicate with a person, we can never be sure that he has fully revealed himself to us, to the end and everything is honest and never hides anything.

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