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Private detective in Ukrainian

Private detective in Ukrainian


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Will private investigation legal?

It happened, but one of the most popular fields of activity in Ukraine today, is located outside the legal field. Of course, very few people even think about the fact that it is private detectives today extremely popular experts, because they can solve precisely those tasks that the person can not cope. But while they are on the verge of legality, although this issue is already on the agenda of the Ukrainian Parliament.

In what will be part of the detectives?

Of course, do not just say that detectives are entirely outside the law and conduct illegal activities. Simply, there are certain moments in their work, which are outside the law. And in principle, the law has no regulations that would enable to regulate the work of private detectives. But this does not mean that the activities of the detectives is prohibited. For example, out of the law at the moment there are services such as wiretapping of premises or carrying out surveillance. But even without these services work the detectives would be extremely difficult. That's why April 12 and was served a bill that not only will some clarity, but also in a wider sense, will open the doors in front of them, giving a wide range of possibilities. Thus, investigators can conduct surveillance and record producing. But even their legality after the adoption of the law does not allow private detectives to collect information about people's private lives, to delve into their religious and political beliefs.

Of course, the detectives are unlikely to eagerly waiting for all these innovations will come into their lives. After all, at this very moment it would be, so that they will be controlled by a link, for all its apparent independence. On the one hand, Detective agencies will be transferred to the regime of legality, will be able to pay taxes and create new jobs. On the other hand if any oversight and crimes of the forbidden border they may suffer serious responsibility. And regulate their activity from this side will be representatives of the Ministry of Interior. Why not turn to escape.

However, in the words of the author of the bill, deputy Vladimir Moysika, pay attention to the experience of other countries in which detectives have been working for a long time and legally. This will understand that it is waiting for us. And it allows the existence of such laws to a greater extent do the most fruitful work of private investigation and law enforcement. In his opinion, after the change will come, and representatives of state structures themselves will become more serious about his work. And it allows them to delegate certain responsibilities to colleagues on the shop floor.

Jealous delighted

Even if you have interest in, and there the question of how much detective agencies now working on the territory of Ukraine, then it will be extremely difficult to name the exact number is due to the fact that no one kept accurate records and registration of such organizations. But according to some unofficial data, the number reaches about two thousand. And in such an amount no lack of customers. But again, as they say themselves detectives.

According to the coordinator of the detective agency "Conrad" George Konrad, it is also difficult to say exactly who often uses the services of detectives. But, most of all, customers among individuals still more than among companies. And often turn to order a people search. And look for a wide variety of personalities. It could be former bosses and subordinates, pop stars and movie business partners, debtors, ex-husbands and wives, the children escaped. And not every such category is listed on the search of law enforcement. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the detective agency, which never refused.

Another issue that is associated with frequent calls to the detective agency is associated with infidelity. But here, as in any other order, it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that it may take time. Sometimes it is possible to execute the order within a few hours, and sometimes for its implementation takes too much time, and most of it is required to prepare.

It should be borne in mind that the cost of private detectives is fun is not cheap. For example, if you decide to find a man, then be prepared for the fact that it will take no less than two hundred and fifty - five hundred dollars. But in detecting infidelity second half will have to pay about three hundred and fifty dollars a day.

Now showing greater activity and business owners. It tells Yuri, often executives tend to hire private investigators to conduct an audit of its personnel. This helps to identify the spies reveal those financial fraud that can occur behind the head for many years. Also, there is a great demand for the collection of information about competitors and partners. The most popular uses polygraph, which allows fast enough to find out who is the culprit of a scene in the enterprise. To use this service, you need to spend about one and a half thousand hryvnia. Also, do not rarely appear orders and checking premises on bugs and maintaining CCTV. In this case, the price is ten dollars for the study of one square meter.

The material was prepared with the assistance of a detective agency "Conrad" (

Taking the act

The specifics of private investigators is that they very often have to deal with quite serious problems and unusual situations in which the common man could hardly find a solution. And the experience of the detective agency "Conrad" was a situation, when a man approached them, began to suspect his wife of infidelity. In principle, it can be understood, because the woman became quite late coming home. She appeared jewelry that he could not afford to buy it, as well as other things. But as a result of the investigation it became clear that she was just beginning to do business without the knowledge of her husband.

According to the detective, very often there are cases when they are not treated in order to determine whether the second half someone, and with the purpose to provoke change, which helps to understand how such a person can be trusted. In one case, the agency received an application in order to carry out surveillance of the object, but in the process it became clear that the object was a customer. Just the guy had nothing to do, and he decided to see how a professional detective work. And this is not the only one curious case. For example, one company it was necessary to identify the workers, injuring the worker process and merge information to competitors. It was created a perfect legend to the company planned to introduce undercover detective sales manager.

But on the first day of the head of the company not only introduced a new employee to all the staff, but also announced that now all the perpetrators will be found and punished. It is not necessary, perhaps, to say that I experienced at that moment the newest employee.

What's happening abroad?

As mentioned above, other countries have a vast experience in terms of legal employment of private detectives. Thus, in Russia such a law has been operating since 1992, which allowed the first two years to open about seven thousand security companies. And in Israel with a population of just five million people working at least two thousand detective agencies at the time, as in America the budget of these companies exceeds 50% budget for law enforcement.

Article from the room: "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine" №16 dated 21 April 10
Published: April 22 to 10 (19:37)

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