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I helped the agency to protect my business from raiders. Thank you for helping where others were powerless.

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I wanted to find her sister, natural daughter of my father. My parents died, relatives almost was not. Want to chat with someone in the family. Establish…

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My son has a new boyfriend. I immediately looked suspicious. He looked like a drug addict. When we have more money and began to disappear, suspected…

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Sergey Mazur

I tried to find their relatives are buried many years ago. There was no data of any contact with anyone who could help in the search. Thanks to your agency, I fulfilled my long-standing desire to pay tribute to these people and restore their graves. Thank you for fast search and organization of services for improving their graves!

Email: , Phone.: +380674842472 Skype: mazursergey 


I familiar owed ​​a large sum of money for a cause that was illegal. The police had to handle scary questions would arise immediately left. As it turned out, debt to them is not a difficult exercise.


I helped the agency to protect my business from raiders. Thank you for helping where others were powerless.


I urgently needed to go to work, had to find a baby sitter. But did not want to entrust it to just anyone. Turned to the detective agency to install hidden video surveillance for the nanny. As it turned out, our contender in our absence could afford to fumble through my personal things, but to his son treated with very great care and even affection. At the same time she just looked nothing even hands did not take. I do not like nosy people, but the son is in good hands. Thought, and still decided to leave her.


On my personal PC were financial data that I personally conducted and nobody showed up to the finalization of the report. As a result, the data leaked to the Finance Department competitor. I was puzzled. It turned out that there hired a professional hacker who was able to penetrate the network in my kopm and download the necessary information. It was able to establish a private detective.


After a loud argument with her husband, daughter ran away from home. The reason was her boyfriend, who did not like us at all. He's a very bad influence on her daughter. It ceased to learn, do not listen, returning home late. Two days we could not find it. After contacting your agency detective spent collecting personal data about this young man and established his residence. There was and our daughter.


I have gone out of the apartment valuables - jewelry that has been a family heirloom and I did not wear them because they are long out of fashion, but they were expensive as mash of my grandmother. Therefore, the loss is not discovered immediately, but after a couple of weeks. The police threw up his hands, it was too late, and they are unlikely to fix something. I'm in that that was wanted to get your items, so appealed to the agency "Private detective Rovno", where very quickly able to establish that stole their girlfriend's daughter, who tried to sell them in the usual pawn shop. And it happens, the horror.


I am 38 years old . I was not married, but really wanted to , but just have not met the girl normal , honest , modest , reliable . Through dating agency found the perfect game for yourself . Soon we decided to get married . My mom she just did not like it for a long time discouraged me from getting married . Then he led me detective , whom she hired before. He at that time had already established that my ideal is not nothing like a typical marriage swindler . As it turned out , behind this lady turned 4 , followed by a divorce property division . Simply put, it is claimed to our apartment with his mother .

Constantine D.

I just helped your detective return stolen cars. Kowtow for this result!


Our family decided to buy an apartment on the secondary . Found a very good option in a good area . In addition, the apartment was close to work. Near the school , in general, everything is super . And the price is acceptable . Relatives began to cheat , they say, now as any real estate scams . I became afraid of myself . Consulted with his wife and decided to ask the detective agency to check the property for legal sale . We were assured that with the apartment 's all right , you can take . For six months, live , very satisfied . Well, that persuaded us already thought to abandon the purchase .


On your computer is a very important data which after flew vindous were lost. I had to come what was not to return them. Plus, there were holidays, and it was impossible to catch programmers. Learned that those involved in the detective agency. They failed to communicate, despite the holiday. It turns out that these data recovery after formatting is not a problem. I'd have to re-write all month.


My story is more like a movie script , but it's really true . To work for us came a new employee , which I immediately sunk . A few months later we began a torrid romance . Soon she told me that she was pregnant . I at that time was married , and she knew it . I had children and a wife to throw them I was not ready . Bluntly told her about it. The next day, she quit , to leave the apartment , and stopped responding to my calls. Then the phone completely blacked out . At this point I realized that made ​​the wrong decision then. Sam could not find her brother advised to go in search of people with this agency . A few weeks later she was found . Now we are together, even though she still has not forgiven me completely, but we will soon have a daughter , I hope someday she will forget everything .


I wanted to find her sister, natural daughter of my father. My parents died, relatives almost was not. Want to chat with someone in the family. Establish kinship with Tanya helped me detective agency "Private detective Rovno."


20 years ago, I graduated from medical school and lost contact with a classmate, wrote on her home. address of her parents, but there was no answer. Not a day passed that I did not remember Lena. Son a few years ago tried to find it on the Internet, found two of our classmates, but about Lena they knew nothing. To please me, he found a private detective who was involved in the search for people by name. Only his efforts have enabled me to find a girlfriend. Thank you very much! We heartily thank you!


I won a trip to the shares to Cyprus for two. Conditions were , well, just like free cheese in a mousetrap. All mega fine, everything is free , only had to pay for airfare, 200 dollars. per person . And in advance . I even almost was led , and her husband was more prescient . Immediately said it was clean divorce. I had long dreamed of a trip to the sea, and here and so this action by the way , so I believe that it's true. Husband to calm down , he turned to the detective agency , where noted , we have a fourth , who tried so "throw" for this strange action .


My son has a new boyfriend. I immediately looked suspicious. He looked like a drug addict. When we have more money and began to disappear, suspected that his son and he was hoisted. Hired detectives from the agency that followed by his son. My suspicions were confirmed. Guys really experimented with drugs, we have long fought, but were able to protect our children from bad influences.


I knew that my wife had cheated on me . When she got pregnant , I did not say anything . When the baby was born, I did not know how to perceive it . Thought over time become clearer , will manifest my features , in general , I thought that I would understand , whose son is . I can , of course, had to directly ask my wife , but did not dare . Knew about the examination of DNA, but thought it was not so simple. Accidentally stumbled on the Internet and the website of the service. Hesitated a long time , but then decided to order the examination to establish paternity by DNA. The results showed that the mine. My happiness knew no bounds .


Grateful agency " Private detective Rovno" that saved my family. I have long thought that her husband was cheating on me . Years tormented himself suspected , crying , suffering , tormented husband . He said that this paranoia and he never was nobody. I calmed down for a while , but then returned obsessions . It reached the point that she decided to check on her husband's infidelity . Detective watched him for a long time , too, says that adultery is not noticed. It's kind of dispelled my doubts , I was convinced that I have the best husband in the world. Thank you once again , saved me from suffering and suspicion.


I decided for the sake of interest to explore their ancestry and create a kind of family tree. Graphs and nobles of the former family was not, but one fact has emerged. My great grandparents moved from Poland to Ukraine after some rebellion. Detective not only established this fact, but gave all the documentary evidence. 'm Doing design documents required when applying Polish Card. I hope everything will be ok.


Agency specialists helped me find bugs in my office and put an end to care information.

Anatoly Ivanovich

A friend suggested together to invest in a business, such as a thriving even. Wife suggested it safe. We appealed to the detective agency, and you know, thank God. Verifying the authenticity of the business license, it turned out that this is a common company ephemera, without staff, budget ... And everything is beautiful tray. In general, we naturally refused attachments. Find a more suitable option for yourself.


I had a friend with whom we have long met. Then foolishly parted, she graduated and left. In short, when I doper that I miss her, I did not know where to find her. All I know is the name of where the student, faculty and hostel. Even the room did not know. Shorter knew nothing more. Friend said that a detective can penetrate human and based on these data. Cool. Its really found, and on the day. I came to Werke, apologized, in general, we are together again. Meet, but we live in different cities.


I guessed that my husband cheating on me. But I had to get evidence for the court. Decided to turn it into a detective agency, advised me his girlfriend. Private investigator quickly captured my suspicions on the photo and video. So I finally was able to get a divorce on good conditions for me. Many thanks to you.


When I pushed against the false accusation, the cops do not do stupid thing investigated and tried to prove my guilt. Only after a call to a private detective, I was able to justify himself. Detective conducted an independent investigation, which showed that I did not do anything.

Vera V.

I merged the company information to a competitor. Suspicion fell on several employees. Asked the detective agency, to know for sure. CCTV showed who was "a rat." Thank you!


Two months ago I got into an accident, got off lightly, but the car was damaged. I really did not exceed the speed even then, and did not violate the rules. When it came to the insurance payment from the company said that I literally did not go, and flew. Private detective found the accident witness whose testimony helped me get the money.


After certain events, I began to suspect that the wife of a man appeared. Wife ordered a check of allegiance. But doubts were completely dispelled.

Natalia I.

Our story nearly ended sadly. Son accused of a crime, even though he swore that he did not. Alibi as such was not because he was at home, sitting at a computer. Thank God, your detective agency failed to prove his innocence to this nightmare. Thank you for providing an alibi!

Victor G.

Her daughter courted one man who seemed to me suspicious. I contacted the agency to find out all about it. The data collected showed that the boyfriend that he was tried, not for anything, and for theft. Immediately forbade them to meet, I have one son in law just do not have.


Six months ago, I started writing in the social network man from Azerbaijan. Correspondence lasted long enough to communicate in different personal themes. When he invited me to visit, a friend advised me to check that it is for the people, through the detective. My data was not enough. It turned out about it I knew almost nothing (((. Behind his shoulders was a huge experience of family life (3 marriage and 4 children) about what he tactfully said nothing, so I abandoned the trip and conversation ceased.


I almost offered to buy a new foreign car for lower price. Decided to check on the legality. Turned to the boys from private detective agency Rovno. Instantly found that cars in theft. This is how I almost did not buy a stolen car. I understand there is a base detectives tracing vehicles, so it is difficult to verify. Money spent is definitely worth it.

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